Submission of print job

Print file should be prepared in PDF format, print quality - Press Quality. Compliant PDF file can be obtained using Adobe graphics program (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign), using the built-in Export to PDF (Publish to PDF - Corel Draw). While saving a PDF file, each page should be separate. The file should also contain blank pages.

When submitting files in other formats, prior agreement should be made.

Layout preparation

  • Layout file must be prepared in CMYK colour scale.
  • The recommended image resolution is 300 dpi.
  • Crop marks and bleed (trimming bypass) of 3 – 5mm to all sides should be included.
  • I is recommended to convert text to curves (Corel Draw - convert to curves, Adobe Illustrator - create outlines).

Books and copybooks

Preparing the layout of a hardcover book or stapled volume, the number of pages must be divisible by 4 (12 pages are 3 paper sheets).

For hot-glued brochures, the number of pages should be divisible by 2 (98 pages are 49 paper sheets).

Submitting a print file in PDF format, the cover should be prepared in a separate file. A separate file is required also for inner pages and stickers. For cover of a book, a 5 mm bleed is recommended.