Full colour digital print

Full colour digital print is perfect when you want to quickly pass important information or attract attention!

Thanks to our modern printing machine, we are able to offer superior image quality with the highest available resolution of 2400 x 2400 dpi. Sharp, expressive pictures, clear, clean text - whatever order will be, you will be able to assess the result even by the finest details and smooth colour coverage.

We offer print on different paper types, including production of labels. Minimum standard printing paper thickness is 60g, but in some cases, the paper structure allows use of a thinner paper. The maximum thickness of the paper that can be printed is 300 - 350g (for cardboard - 280g). Minimum printing paper sheet size is 10 x 14.2 cm. Maximum paper sheet size is 33 x 48.7 cm. Maximum print area is 31 x 45 cm.